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-Conceal noticeable tan lines using a self tanning cream or bronzer.

-Arrive 10 minutes early! Please be completely ready to photograph when you arrive.

-Have all clothing pressed and on hangers! Don't forget those accessories to go with each outfit (coordinate from head to toe.)

-Bring more clothing than the session calls for.

-We will not photograph any t-shirts with inappropriate/obscene messages on them.

-Check your hair and makeup after every clothing change. You are responsible for the way your hair and clothing look.

Sports, music, hobby related, jacket, hat, sunglasses, animal, vehicle

Clothing Suggestions...

Choose outfits that flatter in fit and color.
Casual - Solids and print patters are okay, all colors work indoors. Keep in mind that bold patterns make you appear larger and high neck tops shorten your neck. Different sleeve lengths offer variety - long sleeves keep attention on the face.
Formal - Solids with long sleeves are preferred. Medium to darker tones work best with formal backgrounds.
White or pastel colors are best with high-key white and lighter backgrounds.

Solids are best, avoid busy or high contrast patterns.
Casual wear- summer and fall styles
Try organic colors like cream, tan, brown, mustard, salmon, rust, reds, mauve, greens, blues, teal, purple, black.
Want to bring a pet?
If you wear glasses consider having the lenses removed from to prevent lens glare. Or, you can borrow a pair of lens less frames from your eye doctor.

Alley shots
Alley shots are photographed on location around town. Sides of old buildings, windows, doorways, stairs, railroad tracks, street scenes. Casual wear (shirt and jeans) with dark shoes and socks or dark sandals. A white top looks best, but any shirt color can be worn if you prefer. Bring a jacket to go over your existing top for more posing variety. See our collection of Alley shots for more ideas, or talk about it during your consultation appointment.

Everyone cover those blemishes and blot skin for shine, this makes for better photos.
Make sure every stray hair is smoothed down. Bring one top in solid black. Longer sleeves are preferred. Solids and high contrast prints patterns are best.
All necklines look great. Jackets and vests allow for more posing variety. For example: Hands on lapels, dropping jacket off one shoulder.

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