Lets capture the Y*O*U behind that smile
Seniors, Bridals, Weddings, Anniversarys, Expecting Moms ~ Pictures capture your story and all of those special little moments,you don't dare miss or forget... Each & Every moment!!!

Tis the season of CARDS

As every thing is Merry and Bright have a safe and Warm Holiday Season!


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Anonymous said...

CARMEN...such a whore...and such an ugly whore at that.
Can you imagine such a NOBODY trafficking CHILDREN- GUNS- DRUGS?
They say she's into SAPOP- SADCO- with TEDTOT- TESSEA.
And she's with the most dispicable politicians and military such as ROBERT GATES- OLIVER NORTH- JEB BUSH- BILL & HILLARY CLINTON.
They get a free out of jail card by putting the QUEEN and SYN SEA 7 " away " .
We'll see.
It'll be in our movie.
All of it.

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